GMAT Rescheduled

I just rescheduled my GMAT appointment from April 28 to June 4. I still have a lot of work to do on the Quant section if I want to have a competitive application to a Top 15 b-school. My Verbal rocks. Since the 2nd grade, my verbal has always been stronger than my math, but the gap has never been as significant as it is currently (according to the Kaplan diagnostics). Hopefully it is just because I haven’t used my math brain in a while. It is taking me longer to ramp up than expected (including a few work-related bumps in the road).

 So far, I’ve scored a 590, 580, 580, and 630 on my Kaplan CATs. I’ve read on every MBA blog that Kaplan has the lowest scores and that the true test is GMATPrep. However, I want to feel really ready so that I only have to take the GMAT once. I have some more work to do before I feel that I can realistically reach my 700 target.

 I zipped through the OG quantitative workbook and just went through the diagnostic on the big orange OG 11 book. I probably got 2/3 wrong on the math portion and only 4 wrong on the entire verbal section. Told ya I had to work on my math!!

 Concurrently, I’m studying for a marketing manager certification sponsored by my employer. I have another textbook chapter to read through before I take the pre-test, which will allow me entrance into the 2-week course.

 I have a lot to juggle right now, but it is invigorating!

 To further strengthen my application in the fall, I’ll need to squish in a quantitative course this summer to prove that I can make it through the first year of b-school. The only quantitative course on my college transcripts is a semester of statistics for non-majors. Argh!


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