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Berkeley Interview Invite

They want to talk! See you @ Super Saturday.


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It is amusing how the folks over at ClearAdmit alternate between referring to me as either male or female from week to week.

Excited about the prospect of moving to Chicago, but still waiting to hear from Haas. $50k saved + 2 master’s degrees is nothing to scoff at. I have known this since the beginning: regardless of the outcome from Haas, I will be disappointed. If I get in, I’ll be disappointed that I’ll be staying in the Bay Area rather than moving somewhere new. If I don’t get in, I’ll be disappointed that I can’t attend a GREAT healthcare MBA program where I get two internships and graduate with two master’s degrees with significantly less debt than at any other institution.

I glanced at my paystub this morning and realized my income matches most post-MBA salaries. That’s a lot to give up for the next two years: hello ramen, good-bye fine wines.

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Wharton Ding

Yesterday, I wanted an admit for ego but was secretly hoping NOT to have to move to Philadelphia. If I had gotten in, I would definitely have gone (over Kellogg) because the program is more tailored for my career aspirations. However, I wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about being in Philly.

At least they liked me enough to ask for an interview. It was an honor just to be considered. (kidding)

Oh well, so now it is down to either Berkeley (silence…) and Kellogg.

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Twiddling my thumbs

This is the first time in a while that I’m not training for a race, studying for a test/class, swamped at work, traveling for work, or worrying about applications/interviews. The boy just finished school last week. Neither of us have any idea what to do with all this extra free time…

Of course, I should start my calculus class (two months wasted already), get back into running shape, read through my backlog of the Economist, call my friends, visit my parents, research scholarships, clean my room (three suitcases from three trips are in various states of unpacking), wrap Christmas presents, and do a million other tedious things. However, I just find myself staring at the TV…and as everyone knows, this is a particularly bad time to be watching TV due to the writer’s strike.

While browsing through my blogstats, I followed a referral link. The blogger turns out to be my ex-roommate’s ex-boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. Got that? I only figured it out because of their dog. Small world. I guess the guy is going back to school as well.

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Career Development

Thirty days ago, my manager/recommender (the GM) hired a new VP of Marketing (my new boss). On Monday, I have a NEWER new boss (Director of Marketing). In short, two layers have been hired between my former manager and I. Some people would be threatened by this, but I welcome these changes. The GM was too busy to pay much attention to us, so I’ve been feeling my way around in the dark for a while.

The next six months (I’m a lame duck, although I haven’t told my newest manager the news yet) will be pretty exciting. I’m going to have two additional people reporting to me, we’ve just acquired a new product that I’ll need to understand/promote, and our new leaders have very fresh, exciting ideas. Part of me is sad to leave, but most of me is excited to begin the next chapter of my life. The beauty of going back to school is that afterwards, I will have the option to return to medical device marketing (but in a broader capacity), pursue healthcare consulting as I mentioned in my essays, or chase a myriad possibilities.

Only the GM and my current direct report know that I’ve been admitted to Kellogg. However, news travels fast (and I have a big mouth) so it won’t be long until everyone knows. Soon I get to start planning for my summer sabbatical. Some ideas:

  • spend a few months in Shanghai learning Mandarin
  • sublet an apartment in NYC so I can finally live my NYC dream (albeit briefly and cheaply)
  • visit Tanzania (a friend moved there recently)…and since I’m in the area…visit Kenya and Egypt too!
  • Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Prague, Budapest–yes I know I’m mixing cities and countries–so many places to visit!!
  • run a race anywhere outside of SF

I haven’t felt this optimistic and free in a while. The end is near.

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That’s it for me…

After receiving my Kellogg admit and visiting Columbia, I’ve decided not to apply to anymore schools. Four applications and I’m done. If I applied to Columbia, it would be a pretty half-hearted application (their essay set stinks). The main reason I would apply is for the opportunity to live in New York City just steps from my best friend, who I haven’t lived near since we graduated college…really, the wrong reason to go to business school.

All four programs that I’ve already applied to are a better fit for me academically, so it just doesn’t make sense. I was 85% decided as I flew home from JFK last night, but it turned into 100% when I spoke to my (former) manager and told him he was done writing recommendations for me (sometimes things come out of my mouth before my brain catches on).

The good part about not applying to more schools (besides the torture of essays)? Since my last application was submitted, two layers have been hired between me and my former boss (the GM)…which would have resulted in another paragraph explaining my recommendation choice.

Now it is wait and see. If I leave California, I leave without my bf of nine years. He’ll be staying behind to start his own masters program. It isn’t ideal, but it is what’s best for the both of us in the long-term.

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Admitted to Kellogg!

Got a call from Kellogg’s admissions office while on the subway from JFK to my friend’s apartment in Washington Heights. While I couldn’t hear everything she said to me, I got the basic message–I’m in!! The call was definitely a surprise since I just interviewed last week. In fact, I was debating whether or not to pick up the phone at all since it was an unknown number and I had the day off. Good thing I picked up!

This takes a little bit of the pressure off and now I definitely won’t apply to Boston University. I’m visiting Columbia today and may still apply there if I am impressed by the program. HOORAY!!!

This is a huuuuge burden off of my shoulders since I was totally frightened of being rejected across the board and having to work at my company for another year. While I love what my company does, I’m tired of the politics. I’m ready for a new challenge and it may just be in Evanston!

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