Duke scholarship

I got my scholarship letter from Duke last week. It was SIGNIFICANTLY more than I expected, but not significant enough to change my mind. I’m going to break up with Fuqua and send my deposit to Kellogg after I return from DAK.


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  1. 1

    Achilles said,

    Good going!!
    So you are all set and decided.

    All the best for wonderful 2 years ahead!!

  2. 2

    AMD said,

    Congratulations! You are finally out of the dilemma phase!
    Good luck with the prep time before the grind!

  3. 3

    MbaAndBeyond said,

    Congrats on the schol..Great decision 🙂

    I recvd a telephonic intvw invite from Duke. I read thro’ ur interview debrief on Duke. Can u
    advice me on how to go about prepping for it, this is my intvw invite..
    Wat did u read up for the Duke specific qns?

    Thanx a ton!!

  4. 4

    ainvi said,

    Hey Congratulations!!!

    Good luck for future for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

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