As much as I travel, I really dislike packing and unpacking. I never actually unpacked from my last trip to Orlando…I’m just rearranging things for my trip to Evanston for DAK. I’ll be home for a few days and then I’ll probably rearrange things again for my trip BACK to Orlando.

I hate being limited to the items that I bring. I never pack efficiently (it would take too much time to repack) so I’m always embarassed of the size of my suitcase. I’m even more embarassed when I travel to colder climates. I’m ALWAYS cold so I have to pack lots of warm clothes…which take up a lot of space. I work mostly with boys and its amazing how many days of suits they can fit into a small carryon bag. Although I’m not a major girly girl, I still need shoe options. Oh, and my toiletries take up a lot of space.

How am I going to fit everything I need for six weeks in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and East Africa all in one backpack? That will be a challenge.

I can’t wait to get into a bikini. Hawaii has been canceled, but Belize and Costa Rica aren’t too far away!


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    JulyDream said,

    I know what you mean about packing everything in a backpack for weeks at a time. I’ve been contemplating the same thing. The problem with being female is we own high heels, medium heels, flats and tennis shoes. Then of course, we need super long pants, long pants and medium length pants to go with each pair. And guys wonder why we pack so much? Not to mention a face of make up to appear dressed up! Stay warm this weekend! 😀

  2. 2

    You’re taking your Orlando clothes to Chicago? That should be interesting…

    Have fun at DAK!

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    mymbadream said,

    Good luck at DAK and hopefully your journey and experiences will help me get to Kellogg next year. This year things did not work out for me 😦

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