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What I do at the office…

…besides work:

  • Plan my Costa Rica/Belize trip. Still not sure what we want to do on the tail end of our Costa Rica trip yet. So far, we’re going to be in Arenal and Monteverde swimming in hot springs, hiking to volcanoes, and zip lining through the rainforest canopies.
  • Play Scrabble & Boggle on Facebook
  • Plan my European trip. Flights have been purchased! Now I just have to finalize my agenda. The first few weeks overlap with the Eurocup, which should be fun, but makes Salzburg and Vienna a little more expensive and difficult to secure housing. I’ve never stayed in hostels before, so Austria will be my first time. I’ve booked two days of hostel respite in Vienna via my Starwood Points, and then a few more days of hostel living in Bratislava before I meet my friend in Budapest. We’ll be watching the Eurocup Quarterfinals in Budapest and Zagreb. The final match will be somewhere on the Dalmation Coast. And then onwards to Greece and the Cyclades before I return home. Still gotta research ferries, train schedules, hotels, etc…but its all falling into place. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this trip for the past week…took a while to iron out the details of my solo Austrian leg. For you Greece/Croatia experts, do you suggest we prebook accommodations given we’ll be there late June and all of July?
  • Ponder my last day in the office. I think it’ll be June 5.
  • Pass my work on to my direct report…transition planning!

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Kellogg Financial Aid Package / summer travels

I looked through my financial aid package today…seems like I’ll have to take $33k in Grad Plus loans (8.5% adjustable w/3% down). This is definitely more than I have in cash, so I’m not sure how they’re figuring I have that much to spend during my first year of school (they calculated 401ks, idiots). Luckily, I got a small scholarship/grant/whatever. It is not as sizeable as Duke’s offer, but still better than nothing.

My bf is faxing a signed copy of my Evanston lease to the landlord tomorrow. Money is just flying out of my coffers left and right. I’ve been in Orlando for the past week. Oh, and I made Premier status on United last year. That was a nice surprise.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be tied up with jury duty. Jury duty is not unlike high school detention…except I have wireless access (yay SF!).

My summer travels are slowly being fleshed out. My last day in the office will be June 6. I have a wedding June 7th in LA and then I’m free to leave whenever is convenient. I don’t have to be back in SF until the first weekend of August. I’ve cut out Tanzania (cost-prohibitive) but Egypt is still a possibility (~$500 flight from Athens). Right now, it looks to be a 6-7 week backpacking trip through Czech, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Turkey…and who knows what else with a budget of $5-7k (transatlantic flight will be booked on miles). I’ll stay with a high school friend in Prague, do the Austria leg by myself (unless anyone out there on the internets wants to relive the Sound of Music with me in Salzburg? or watch the Eurocup?), and then meet up with a friend for the remainder of the trip. My fingers are crossed that this works out since it would be VERY nice to have a buddy to travel with for a month.

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