Kellogg Financial Aid Package / summer travels

I looked through my financial aid package today…seems like I’ll have to take $33k in Grad Plus loans (8.5% adjustable w/3% down). This is definitely more than I have in cash, so I’m not sure how they’re figuring I have that much to spend during my first year of school (they calculated 401ks, idiots). Luckily, I got a small scholarship/grant/whatever. It is not as sizeable as Duke’s offer, but still better than nothing.

My bf is faxing a signed copy of my Evanston lease to the landlord tomorrow. Money is just flying out of my coffers left and right. I’ve been in Orlando for the past week. Oh, and I made Premier status on United last year. That was a nice surprise.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be tied up with jury duty. Jury duty is not unlike high school detention…except I have wireless access (yay SF!).

My summer travels are slowly being fleshed out. My last day in the office will be June 6. I have a wedding June 7th in LA and then I’m free to leave whenever is convenient. I don’t have to be back in SF until the first weekend of August. I’ve cut out Tanzania (cost-prohibitive) but Egypt is still a possibility (~$500 flight from Athens). Right now, it looks to be a 6-7 week backpacking trip through Czech, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Turkey…and who knows what else with a budget of $5-7k (transatlantic flight will be booked on miles). I’ll stay with a high school friend in Prague, do the Austria leg by myself (unless anyone out there on the internets wants to relive the Sound of Music with me in Salzburg? or watch the Eurocup?), and then meet up with a friend for the remainder of the trip. My fingers are crossed that this works out since it would be VERY nice to have a buddy to travel with for a month.


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    c.maurich said,


    I’m 28 and live in Trieste, Italy. As I live in the same part of the world that you intend to visit in your summer trip, I wanted to give you some suggestion on possible destinations (hoping you can find this useful).
    In Croatia, definitely go for the island of Cres; astonishing nature, delicious food (lamb and fish, obviously separated), and it’s one of the very few Croatian islands that’s not overcrowded during summer. Rent an apartment for few days (accommodation is cheap), and I am sure that you’ll keep this place in your heart forever!
    The area surrounding Salzburg is one of the finest in Austria. You’ll have plenty of possibilities, from visiting museums and charming villages to mountain trekking, so it really depends on what you’re interested in. Summer in Austria is lovely and relaxing, but this year the Eurocup’ll come to add some thrill to the typical Austrian Mozart-concert-evening (Forza Italia!!!).
    In Greece, I’d suggest the island of Samos, marvelous nature and superb sweet wine. Also, this island is close to the Turkish cost (there’s a very interesting archeological site called Ephesus here), so it could be a good destination on your road to Turkey.
    Finally, why not to plan a short visit to Venice, maybe on your way from Salzburg to Croatia? Such a unique place is well worth a visit, and you’ll only need 2-3 days to visit it entirely!!

    Btw, I read your blog since the last week. I’m planning to apply for some US business schools this fall, and Kellogg is my first choice. But, the fact is, I don’t know yet if I’m “shooting for the moon” (as you stated in one of your previous entries), so am still trying to figure out which one is the best option. For the moment, I’m studying to take the Toefl (in april) and the Gmat (in July). I find your blog really interesting and full of valuable advices for us prospective students, so… keep posting!!

    I wish you all the best… and have a wonderful time in your summer trip!!

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    JulyDream said,

    Sounds awesome!!! I too have premier status on United … can’t tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL it is. Automatic economy plus! 😉

    Sounds like we’re working on similar paths, I hope to make it to Prague as well as Dubrovnik and will be cruising Italy, Greece and Turkey. Still working on the departure date, but looks like June 9th-ish and the cruise starts on June 15th.

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    kingKREEP said,

    Austria is beautiful! Salzberg is a lovely city with loads of things to see/do and the people are really friendly. And oh yeah, they absolutely LOVE Mozart. Mozart coffee mugs, T-shirts, pens – you name it, they have it. They’ve even got Mozart chocolates! I was there in September last year and the weather was perfect – say, 15 – 20 deg C. Loads of sunshine, green meadows, lovely forests, Austria is awesome!

    – KK

    P.S: Make sure you don’t miss the Ice-Caves – one of the more interesting experiences in my life. 20 deg C outside and 0 C inside the cave. Very weird!

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    Shahid said,

    Believe you me – you are going to have to make peace with a declining bank account. Bschool isn’t cheap, and Evanston isn’t cheap either.

    Best of luck with the move – do get in touch if you have any questions about arriving here at Kellogg!


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    Savio said,

    You say you’ll have to take out 33K in grad plus loans. Is this on top of Stafford Loans ? I’m still waiting for my aid packge from schools.

    Wonderful countries to visit btw. Personally, I’m thinking of a week in Dubrovnik or a week of snorkeling the Caribbean.

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