Hey look!

I’ve been nominated for Clear Admit’s Best of Blogging! Voting happens in the next week or so…

But I’m leaving for a two week vacation tomorrow. I’m flying on American but on the 757s which aren’t affected by the groundings. Hopefully I get to my destination without any trouble. I’ve got some zip lining through the rain forest, hot spring soaks, volcano hikes, ATV adventures, and lots of beach time with my girl friends scheduled. I’m also using this trip as a test run for packing light. I actually have extra room in my backpack. However, I’ve been known to stuff extra clothes in at the last moment when there is space.

My Europe trip is falling into place. I’ve got this spreadsheet that probably makes me appear crazy outlining my destinations, transportation costs, hotel reservations, etc. I don’t have my restaurants and activities planned, but I do like to keep track of my expenses as well as know where I’m going to be, how I’m going to get there, and where I’m going to sleep.

There probably won’t be too much blogging here moving forward. I’ll leave this site up since I found reading other peoples’ experiences from the previous years really helped me prepare my application this year. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Good luck to the incoming class of 2010 and to next year’s applicants for class of 2011!

Oh yes, and I officially gave notice of my resignation earlier this week. YAY! Only six weeks of work left after I return from vacation.


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  1. 1

    tinydancer said,

    Have a great trip!

  2. 2

    vidiviciveni said,

    Congrats for finally putting in ur resignation
    Bon Voyage!

  3. 3

    have an awesome trip! 🙂

  4. 4

    Clear Admit said,

    Hi mbabound08 –

    Congratulations on your Best of Blogging nomination!

    By design, the BoB results are based largely on the input of the nominees themselves, so we’d love to have your opinion as we compile the ranking. If you have some time to weigh in during your travels and would like to receive a ballot, simply contact us at bob@clearadmit.com with your email address.

    Happy trails!

  5. 5

    Mike said,

    Congrats on the BoB nomination and enjoy the vacation!

  6. 6

    iday said,

    mbabound, just thought i would extend my good wishes on the BoB nomination and a great year of blogging. Hope you are enjoying the build up to your Bschool days. Cheers.

  7. 7

    mymbadream said,

    Hi mbabound,

    Hope things are going great for you. I have a few questions for you and would need your inputs for my applications. What email address can I use to connect? Mine is me_0506@yahoo.com.


  8. 8

    Josh Hohman said,

    Hi, my name is Josh, and I’m a recent Stanford GSB graduate. I’d like to offer your readers some helpful information. I recently surveyed my classmates, friends and colleagues, and asked them to discuss their application strategies, as well as advice for entering MBA students, for Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and Kellogg. I compiled the responses into a FREE 21-page report available at http://www.ExpertCollective.com. Stanford MBA applicants tell me that the information is really helpful in filling-out their essays with detailed and specific information, while the entering first-years appreciate the advice on how to make best use of the 2 years at business school. I’d love to have you review the full version of the report (80+ pages) if you think you’re readers might be interested. Please send me an email at josh@expertcollective if you’d like me to email you a copy to review for your blog.

    Best wishes for your success!

    Josh Hohman
    Stanford MBA 2005

  9. 9

    Ankur said,


    I came across your contact information through a website and wanted to initiate contact with you. I am working on my applications for an MBA next year and wanted to know more about your college.

    My background:
    710 Gmat
    BE Mechanical Engg from India, MS Biomechanical Engineering from Univ of Kansas
    Good acads
    3.5 years work exp. 1 in India, 2.5 in USA Non-profit
    I am Licensing associate (patent, copyright university technology/research and market it to industry, university start-ups)
    I am also staff representative of Child Rights and You (CRY) at a university. CRY is India’s largest non-profit organization for child rights.

    Post MBA I am interested in A/M, investment banks for high tech industries. Evaluation and investment on start-ups etc.

    Could I briefly speak with you for 10 minutes? Please reply to my email and we can set a time that works well in your schedule.

    Thank you for the guidance

  10. 10

    Bill said,

    Hi there,

    First, I’d like to thank you for creating this blog. Interesting chronicle of a very specific slice of your life!

    I know you’ve basically retired this blog about a year ago, but I was wondering if you’d share some of your observations of your first year at Kellogg, the forthcoming summer internship, etc. I’m curious to hear about how closely your experiences are tracking with the expectations you may have had while you were preparing and writing this blog.

    At the very least have a great summer and a butt-kicking second year!


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