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That’s it for me…

After receiving my Kellogg admit and visiting Columbia, I’ve decided not to apply to anymore schools. Four applications and I’m done. If I applied to Columbia, it would be a pretty half-hearted application (their essay set stinks). The main reason I would apply is for the opportunity to live in New York City just steps from my best friend, who I haven’t lived near since we graduated college…really, the wrong reason to go to business school.

All four programs that I’ve already applied to are a better fit for me academically, so it just doesn’t make sense. I was 85% decided as I flew home from JFK last night, but it turned into 100% when I spoke to my (former) manager and told him he was done writing recommendations for me (sometimes things come out of my mouth before my brain catches on).

The good part about not applying to more schools (besides the torture of essays)? Since my last application was submitted, two layers have been hired between me and my former boss (the GM)…which would have resulted in another paragraph explaining my recommendation choice.

Now it is wait and see. If I leave California, I leave without my bf of nine years. He’ll be staying behind to start his own masters program. It isn’t ideal, but it is what’s best for the both of us in the long-term.


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Kellogg – submitted!!

Hitting the “submit” button the second time around was MUCH less scary. Recommender #1 (who will get a huge basket of cigars once this process is over) just submitted a few hours ago for Kellogg as well.

Have to chase down Recommender #2 tomorrow for both Wharton and Kellogg. That means I gotta be in the office by 7:30 am to try to catch him early.

Now I really need to get cracking on the Duke essays. I’m still having trouble discerning between essays #2 and #4.

Oops. I didn’t submit a transcript to either Wharton or Kellogg for a post-graduate course I took in Marketing. Oh well. I think my marketing strengths are obvious from my resume and essays. I’ll get the transcript for Duke and Haas. I don’t think it really matters that much but every little bit helps.

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1st recommendation submitted!

Recommender #1 submitted for Wharton! Hooray!

I just met with Recommender #2 (my current boss) and he’s promised to work on everything on the plane on Monday (we’re both flying to the East Coast) so that we can go over everything when we land. We should be able to submit sometime next week (crossing my fingers–he gets a lot of emergencies).

Eek. CEO just walked by and asked me how my applications are going.  I also found out this morning that my manager announced to all of his other direct reports that I was not on a conference call (yesterday) because I was interviewing at business schools. That surprised a few…oh well. I didn’t ask him not to tell anyone. It just puts more pressure on me not to be a reject. AAAAACK.

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2nd official score report: Lower %

Grr! Last week, I asked the test administrators to send an official score report to Wharton, since it wasn’t one of my original five. Today, I received a copy of the report and all of my percentages are lower!! I guess this means I (unintentionally) reported errant scores to Kellogg (Part 1) and I’ll have to go back to all my applications and revise the percentiles.

Granted, verbal, quant, and the total only went down by -1% but analytical writing went down by -12%! AND this puts my quant score at 81%…just 1% above the “acceptable” range.

My first “Official” score report was sent 3 days after I took my test (I double-checked and the first copy said official copy on it). This second “Official” score report was sent four months later. If I had not asked for an additional copy sent to Wharton, I would have unintentionally reported errant scores to all my schools. Also, did all my schools receive the original batch of percentiles? Has this happened to anyone else?

I remember reading that the unofficial score report could differ on percentiles from the official score report. But variance from official report to official report? Very annoying, though not the end of the world.

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I’ve got senioritis

I’m so ready to go back to school. I’m tired of dealing with the bureaucracy and politics that comes with working for this multinational corporation. I’m ready to go back to the startup world (armed with consulting experience and an MBA). Hopefully round 1 works out for me so that I’ll know where I’m headed by mid-January. Please please please!

I’ve been struggling with Duke’s essays this past week. Short answer #2 and Long essay #2 seemed like the same question to me. My friend helped me brainstorm and clarify while I drank and she painted (yeah, I’m a great friend). I thought Haas’ short answer #1 would be easy for me since I know exactly who I’d want to have dinner with. I’m just having trouble explaining why.

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That’s approximately how much I’ve spent thus far on my quest for an MBA. Yes, its pennies compared to the $120k debt I’ll have in 2010 (hopefully), but it is kind of interesting (procrastinating!) to track. This includes the Kaplan course, the most expensive item, which served its purpose of keeping me on track. If you have the discipline to study on your own, save yourself the money. However, I had given myself two years to take the GMAT on my own, which never happened….hence my $1k punishment.

This tally also includes GMAT fees, books, the Kellogg application fee, and the flight/hotel/car to my Duke interview. I have a four-day product training on the East Coast in October. I saved myself quite a bit of money by tacking my Duke visit/tour/interview onto the end of this trip. It will definitely be quite hectic, but efficient. The biggest challenge (aside from the interview) will be getting the proper nutrition required for a 20-mile training run the next day…at the airport…and then going straight to a wedding…and then finishing up my Wharton application. The other weird thing is that my Duke interview occurs before any of my applications are due. I need to start on my Duke essays this week.

At my manager’s request, I sent him a draft of my Kellogg essays today. I’m a little bit embarassed since some of it is quite personal. I also found out that I’m getting a new manager soon. The timing may require that I explain this in my applications. We’ll see. I’m not really concerned since I know the person and I admire her work.

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Kellogg app

Kellogg Part 1 has been completed. Of course, I haven’t submitted yet because I want to sit on it for a day. There isn’t much to Part 1, but I don’t lose anything by sitting on it for a day and I do like sleeping on important things just to make sure I don’t miss anything. The only reason why I’m submitting this part early is that I need flexibility for my interview date due to my cramped fall schedule. While I’m eligible for an off-campus interview, I’d much prefer an on-campus interview so that I can also visit classes. Hopefully they have something during the two weeks in November that I’ll be in Chicago for work. Gotta also find a day that I can sneak away to do this interview.

Kellogg Part 2? The essays are moving along and should be finalized pretty soon (of course I’ll sit on it until the last minute). I uploaded my resume but am a little bit confused by the transcript. It says that if you scan your transcript to submit, they want a one inch margin at the top for blank space. How do I do that without cutting important stuff off at the bottom?

Also a little bit interesting is the extenuating circumstances piece. I had addressed these in Essay 4B since it closely ties into my career trajectory. Should I throw 4B into the extenuating circumstances box and take advantage of 4C – Describe the most challenging professional relationship you have faced and how you handled it.?

I kind of like how all of my essays tie together, but it may not make much of a difference since it all may end up on one PDF in Part 2. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to tell another story about myself…but the challenging relationship I had in mind is also one of my recommenders. Sticky, no? I’m probably just making excuses because I don’t want to write another essay when I still have 3 more applications to do in round 1. Forge on, lazyass!

I’ll sleep on it.

My boyfriend thinks I’m obsessed with this MBA thing. He’s right. I’m a nerd at heart and want to succeed academically. School is one of those things I do well. Imagine how much more I’d drive him crazy about bschool talk without this blog? And after 9 years together, it does seem a bit silly calling him my boyfriend. On the apps, I’ve listed myself as “engaged” even though we’re not technically engaged nor do we have official plans to get married anytime soon. Eloping has always seemed like a good idea to me.

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