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Got a decent draft of my Haas essays together and sent it to two reviewers for some early stage commentary. Mostly, I’m having some trouble with the “Who would you have dinner with?” essay. I know who I want to have dinner with, but I’m not able to clearly articulate why. 

After some wavering, I’ve decided to apply for the Berkeley MBA/MPH dual-degree. It may seem odd since I’m not applying to any other dual degree programs, but I think it makes sense at Haas:

  1. 2.5 years for two masters’ degrees which costs the same as all of the other two-year programs I’m applying to (in-state public school tuition!)
  2. Opportunity for two internships = more experience and possible experimentation
  3. More in-depth health care knowledge would lend additional legitimacy to my career aspirations
  4. One checkbox on the MBA application (UCLA’s dual degree program requires 2 applications and 3 years of coursework. Plus, I’d have to take the GRE…no thanks!)

I’m considering dropping Columbia. It doesn’t seem I have good chances there and it is the weakest health/MBA program out of the lot. I just REALLY fancied the idea of living in NYC with my best friend.


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