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Kellogg Financial Aid Package / summer travels

I looked through my financial aid package today…seems like I’ll have to take $33k in Grad Plus loans (8.5% adjustable w/3% down). This is definitely more than I have in cash, so I’m not sure how they’re figuring I have that much to spend during my first year of school (they calculated 401ks, idiots). Luckily, I got a small scholarship/grant/whatever. It is not as sizeable as Duke’s offer, but still better than nothing.

My bf is faxing a signed copy of my Evanston lease to the landlord tomorrow. Money is just flying out of my coffers left and right. I’ve been in Orlando for the past week. Oh, and I made Premier status on United last year. That was a nice surprise.

Today and tomorrow I’ll be tied up with jury duty. Jury duty is not unlike high school detention…except I have wireless access (yay SF!).

My summer travels are slowly being fleshed out. My last day in the office will be June 6. I have a wedding June 7th in LA and then I’m free to leave whenever is convenient. I don’t have to be back in SF until the first weekend of August. I’ve cut out Tanzania (cost-prohibitive) but Egypt is still a possibility (~$500 flight from Athens). Right now, it looks to be a 6-7 week backpacking trip through Czech, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Turkey…and who knows what else with a budget of $5-7k (transatlantic flight will be booked on miles). I’ll stay with a high school friend in Prague, do the Austria leg by myself (unless anyone out there on the internets wants to relive the Sound of Music with me in Salzburg? or watch the Eurocup?), and then meet up with a friend for the remainder of the trip. My fingers are crossed that this works out since it would be VERY nice to have a buddy to travel with for a month.


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DAK was awesome! I met a bunch of really great potential classmates. I was awed by how down-to-earth everyone is. One even lent me his jacket for the evening after my luggage was delayed. I’m totally drinking the kool-aid:

  • My Kellogg deposit is in the mail
  • Income taxes have been filed
  • FAFSA completed
  • Broke up with Duke this afternoon. Too bad Kellogg isn’t giving me the same kind of $$ (or any at all, for that matter)
  • The bf (or JV in Kellogg-speak) is also drinking the juice. He’s looking forward to the KWEST trip this summer and has started studying for the GMAT.
  • I met with a healthcare professor and can’t wait to take his classes. Next year, I’m going to look into producing better communications/marketing materials for prospective students interested in healthcare at Kellogg. While the program is strong, it is really really hard to find backup materials that make you feel the program is comparable to Haas, Duke, and Wharton. It is a little bit flaky mostly because there isn’t much information on how the program is run, there aren’t any statistics, and information available isn’t as in-depth as the other schools. After talking to the professor, I’m confident in the strength of this program.

Still to do/in progress (mostly stuff I can’t do since I don’t have a fax machine at home):

  • Drop calculus
  • Financial aid/scholarship paperwork almost done (gotta fax it in tomorrow…why do they want to know how much is in my 401k?? I am not liquidating that for school)
  • Housing application almost complete (I don’t have a fax at home so gotta wait til I get to work). Once that’s done, I’ll send a furniture deposit to the student who currently resides in the apartment. All I really have to do in August is bring my clothes, TV, Tivo, and wireless router. YAY!
  • Figure out if my tires are all season. Hopefully they are so I don’t have to buy a set of new ones.

Aside from being cold, poor, and back in school…all this purple will be an adjustment. Since 1st grade, I’ve always been blue and gold. Yesterday, I walked into the very small student store in downtown Evanston and was incredibly overwhelmed by the purple. It looked like Barney had exploded into a space the size of two office cubicles. The best I can do right now is grey with purple lettering. A hoodie will probably be my first on-campus purchase this fall.

Random: The admissions director mentioned that Kellogg’s Round 1 admits had an average GMAT score of 721 and an average GPA of 3.5. I’m dragging down the GMAT but raising the GPA numbers.

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DINGED at Cal!

With the final decision in via email this morning, I close out my application season with a .500 hit rate (and 100% interview rate…not bad!).

I had a pretty good hunch I wasn’t going to get the admit from Cal during my interview. My interviewer asked me some pretty tough questions that I didn’t really have good answers for. Perhaps if I had prepared at all (I pretty much just relied on my previous preparation…two months prior) I could have done better. However, with a Kellogg admit in my pocket, my heart wasn’t really into Cal. While I know Cal would have made academic and financial sense, I am really in this not just for the education, but for the experience.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my phone beeped TWICE during my interview. I had it on silent, so it shouldn’t have beeped (yeah, I’d forgotten about the Wharton debacle already and forgot to turn my phone off), so that was another omen of the impending DING.

What have I learned? If my heart isn’t into something, I am fairly obvious…even if I try not to be. Wharton read my dislike of Philly and Cal probably read my “been there, done that…and I’ve got an admit already” attitude. I never claimed to be good at poker.

There’s a scholarship letter on its way to me via USPS from Duke. However, I doubt it will be enough to sway me.

Evanston here I come!

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Admitted to Kellogg!

Got a call from Kellogg’s admissions office while on the subway from JFK to my friend’s apartment in Washington Heights. While I couldn’t hear everything she said to me, I got the basic message–I’m in!! The call was definitely a surprise since I just interviewed last week. In fact, I was debating whether or not to pick up the phone at all since it was an unknown number and I had the day off. Good thing I picked up!

This takes a little bit of the pressure off and now I definitely won’t apply to Boston University. I’m visiting Columbia today and may still apply there if I am impressed by the program. HOORAY!!!

This is a huuuuge burden off of my shoulders since I was totally frightened of being rejected across the board and having to work at my company for another year. While I love what my company does, I’m tired of the politics. I’m ready for a new challenge and it may just be in Evanston!

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Kellogg interview – complete!

Kellogg’s interview today was even more conversational than the previous two. I didn’t get asked very many hard questions (or I’m getting used to the questions). Mainly, she was interested in what I do now (I think its an exciting industry too!) and what I want to do moving forward. We talked a lot about my work with ethnic minorities in college, my current role with my company, the goals of my current company, and my future goals. All in all, a very nice conversation where I think I was able to get my point across and still convey both my personality and my enthusiasm for the school.

To do once I get back from Chicago:

  • await decisions from Duke, Kellogg, and Wharton
  • wait for interview invite from Haas
  • get started on Columbia and Boston applications
  • lots and lots of laundry
  • watch the Big Game–Go Bears!!

One thing that struck me about Kellogg’s facilities today: the ceilings are freakishly low in the hallways.

Kellogg decisions have just started going out…

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Kellogg – complete!

Last recommender submitted. He forgot to list his alma mater, there were a few typos, and some of the industry terms weren’t explained, but overall, it was good. I hope they call him, because he’s much better on the phone, on the fly than he is written. The man just has no time, so I’m really thankful that he’s so supportive of my bid for bschool.

Still gotta write Duke and Haas. Running out of steam…

It is definite. I’ve canceled flights and hotel; in the process of selling my bib. My 2nd marathon will have to wait until another time. This injury has gotten the better of me. Luckily, my physical therapist is kind of cute!

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Kellogg – submitted!!

Hitting the “submit” button the second time around was MUCH less scary. Recommender #1 (who will get a huge basket of cigars once this process is over) just submitted a few hours ago for Kellogg as well.

Have to chase down Recommender #2 tomorrow for both Wharton and Kellogg. That means I gotta be in the office by 7:30 am to try to catch him early.

Now I really need to get cracking on the Duke essays. I’m still having trouble discerning between essays #2 and #4.

Oops. I didn’t submit a transcript to either Wharton or Kellogg for a post-graduate course I took in Marketing. Oh well. I think my marketing strengths are obvious from my resume and essays. I’ll get the transcript for Duke and Haas. I don’t think it really matters that much but every little bit helps.

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